Workload Management and WLM Policy

Not only in peak situations can outdated definitions in the WLM policy lead to a shift in priorities during the processing of the workload. Not always in favor of the time-critical transactions and thus to undesirable effects.

When was the last time your daily business allowed you to compare the achievement of the Goals from your current WLM Policy with reality?

We perform a detailed analysis of your workload based on SMF data. We systematically examine the achievement of the goals set in the WLM policy and develop optimization proposals. Taking into account soft capping, capacity groups, WLM resource groups, absolute capping, LPAR weights and hardware limits.

We document and present these proposals, which are based on your current data. In a joint iterative process, we accompany you in the implementation and verification of the measures.

Sounds time-consuming and complicated? But it’s not!