Dynamic Soft Capping

Do you use expert tools to manage your z/OS landscape dynamically via soft capping with the help of a tool? We are undisputedly the world’s number one experts in the use of DCI©, Dynamic Capacity Intelligence and zPrice Manager© (zPM).

We advise you on how to optimize your consumption with a dedicated study based on your current and historical consumption data. We evaluate your current and create new DCI© policies to meet your requirements – including know-how transfer.

You are a user of zPM© and want to initiate an action on your systems in a certain situation? Our know-how of many years also in this area can support you. We develop the appropriate REXX script that covers your requirement – including knowledge transfer.

We also help you with the migration or replacement of capacity management products of all kinds – keyword TFP.

(DCI and zPM are products of CA Technologies a Broadcom Company).